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If you can’t even protect your captain,then your ambition is worthless! - Zoro

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 time(s) Zoro has lost his way


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Anonymous whispered, "do you have any advice on how to get over ace??? aw he´s just a fictional character and he didn´t even get such a big part in the manga, but it still hurts so much everytime i see a picture or gif that´s in any way related to him. idk i´m just like whyyyyy and i´m actually so sad is this even normal?! sorry to annoy you with my whining but i need to tell this to someone maybe you´ll understand... well at least i still have my fave #1 zoro. but aaaaaace *sobbing intensifies*"

*sobs with you* It didn’t hit me as hard when I first watch the death scene. It hits me real when after watching the ASL era and imagine how hard luffy felt because Ace was the only brother he left and now that he is alone. And I kept making graphics which related to Ace and somehow “got over it” before I’m facing it frequently. Idk anon it takes time because what you feel about ace’s death will always be there it won’t change but your attitude towards his death could be from a different impact if you change the way you think. Actually I got carried away by Sabo 

Anonymous whispered, "hi there, could you recommend good opgraphics blogs? your blog is awesome btw~~"

There’s many which I don’t follow but you can take a look at my blogroll they’re all pretty good. Also

and definitely many more which I can’t think of at the moment~

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tony tony chopper eating ~

tony tony chopper eating ~

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